Thursday, December 31, 2009

my "Inception" treat and some end-of-the-year speculation.

Well, before 2010 rolls around and Inception finally arrives for multiple viewings, I wanted to give everyone a little something. It's not much, but hopefully it's at least a little cool. To be honest, if I had to screencap anymore of that trailer, I would need a drink beforehand, and not after, as usual. I'm serious, guys; I watch the trailer like a robot now. No passion. Just cold, hard, analyzing eyes.

Anyway, here you go (watch it in HD by going to the Vimeo page):

Hope you liked it. Anyway, the sheer volume of times I've watched the trailers has forced my mind to constantly think about what's going on all the time, whether I'm reading a book; eating Chick-Fil-A; or trying to make happy hour through Los Angeles traffic. I have a couple more speculative ideas about Inception but I'll keep them brief so that I can give my Mind a break from all this:

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Inception" mailbag and more thoughts (because the voices won't stop!).

No, this isn't that treat yet - that's coming tomorrow sometime - but I just had to go back and call attention to some good stuff about Inception posted on the comments that you may or may not have missed. Unsurprisingly, I've found some more stuff in the trailer as well as some speculative ideas you may want to consider. I also found that mini tequila bottle I thought I misplaced.

It's not a problem till people tell you to your face. Anyway:

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

further insight into "Inception" teaser 2 (or "Let's Talk About Clothes, Baby").

First off, I want to thank everyone who read the previous analyses, particularly those that commented! You guys spotted a lot of stuff I missed. Also, you made me feel relieved knowing that I'm not the only person obsessing over this movie (y'all are obsessing, right?). Anyhoo, I'll be bringing up your points throughout this post.

(Also, Lenny, was that all conjecture? Or was it from the plot detail leak a while back?)

So it's only been a matter of hours since I finished the last post and a matter of minutes since my last drink, but here I am yet again. As I prep my small Inception surprise before 2010, I find more things in the trailer that I missed in the previous entry, something even I found ridiculous as I began making these connections even during bathtime. C'est la vie.

To quote Morpheus from the Matrix Reloaded trailer, "Here we go."

Monday, December 28, 2009

"Inception" teaser 2 analysis (or "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Unemployment")

Hello one and all! Another trailer for Nolan's Inception has come upon us and so, yet again, I am invariably drawn to dissect it. Well, that and having no job makes you do nerdy things.

Okay, maybe I'm just a nerd.

Just in case you missed it, find it here.

The last time I did this, a lot of deduction was done after the breakdown. This time, I'll do it all at the same time to make it easier to understand my logic. Also, for all the spoiler-phobes out there, all of this is from deductions from what WB has officially shown us. Don't worry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character!

So without further ado, let's have at it!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

hey guys! let's analyze the "Inception" Mind Crime viral game!

It's been just over four months since the first "Inception" teaser attached to "Inglorious Basterds." If anyone didn't already know, the second teaser can be seen now with prints of "Sherlock Holmes" and on Apple beginning tomorrow, December 28.

Since then, I am aware that more and more details about the film have leaked, such as character names and even more about the actual plot, but (and this will come to a surprise to those that know me to be very info-hungry) I have mastered my desires and kept myself from those spoilers. By contrast, anything that can be divined from marketing materials such as trailers and posters are fair game.

So let's begin! So as not to mince details, I'll be as precise as possible.

The first viral game comes from