Tuesday, June 1, 2010

inception viral: the dream-share manual.

if you haven't already seen it, here it is.

so i'm just gonna rattle off all of my inferences:


the architect - ellen page - actually does draw out and sketch the dream worlds, just like in the mind-crime viral game.

the chemist, brainy as he looks, corresponds closest to the forger, tom hardy's character. he is, after all, the one who seems to know best how to make weapons, hence his line to "dream a little bigger." it may also refer to someone making somnacin, the drug used with the pasiv device.


the new york-like place is crossed out because existing places may not be used as a dream world. it must be an original place. hence leo's advice to ellen, the architect: "never recreate from your memory, always imagine new places!"

the igloo/castle/desert/farm picture is crossed out because a dream world must possess like places. if you create an arctic environ, the things inside it must be appropriate for the setting. which begs the question "how the fuck does that train get in the middle of the street?"


straightforward enough, methinks. anything that happens to a pasiv used while they are under affects them in the dream. so slapping someone in the real world will send them flying in the dream. splashing them with water (or "giving them the kick") sends water flooding through the dream, which answers tons of questions. and suffocating them in the real will suffocate them in the dream.


when someone is mind-jacked with the pasiv, their subconscious becomes the battleground. when they become aware of it, that battleground will actively work against the infiltrators, presumably through its projections, or the 'people' that populate the dream.

most important thing here is the line not blacked out: "the projections as they become aware will attempt to seek out and destroy the source of the projections." it sounds like a way to self-destruct. hypothetical: cillian is the mark. they hack cillian's brain; his brain becomes aware; his own projections attempt to find him to end the dream.


the pictures are way too vague for me. anyone with better luck?


in addition to the illustrated typical techniques, in the dream, infiltrators can crack a safe to access said secrets. just like the mind-crime game, again.

and there we go.

happy trails!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'inception' assembled and some observations.

with the newest - and more than likely final - trailer for Inception finally out on the Internet in HD, i was again compelled to make one more re-edit of the available footage. like a nerdy moth to an awesome flame.

for sake of uniformity, i did not use the three available tv spots since i could not find them in 1080p, like the trailers.

with the deluge of official information coming in, i've decided to stop with the pages-long analysis and simply mentioned some of my thoughts briefly within this new video: 'Inception' assembled. (note: please watch in HD.)

i cannot, however, remain wholly silent, so here are some quick ideas. before i go on, i will say that ALL of the following is inference, not fact:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

consequence of cuisine.

it all struck me as a bit of a surprise, but after having the exact same thing for breakfast for the past 40 days, i'm getting pretty sick of it.

Friday, February 5, 2010

i have a meeting with cliff huxtable.

pop quiz, keanu reeves:

chris de burgh's seminal 80's classic "lady in red" is

a) a song featured in mary harron's film adaptation of american psycho.

b) great elevator muzac.

c) something jerome likes to sing to himself in his office.

d) all of the above.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

about a friend of mine.

question: if your workout recovery drink includes booze, does that make you an alcoholic?