Thursday, December 31, 2009

my "Inception" treat and some end-of-the-year speculation.

Well, before 2010 rolls around and Inception finally arrives for multiple viewings, I wanted to give everyone a little something. It's not much, but hopefully it's at least a little cool. To be honest, if I had to screencap anymore of that trailer, I would need a drink beforehand, and not after, as usual. I'm serious, guys; I watch the trailer like a robot now. No passion. Just cold, hard, analyzing eyes.

Anyway, here you go (watch it in HD by going to the Vimeo page):

Hope you liked it. Anyway, the sheer volume of times I've watched the trailers has forced my mind to constantly think about what's going on all the time, whether I'm reading a book; eating Chick-Fil-A; or trying to make happy hour through Los Angeles traffic. I have a couple more speculative ideas about Inception but I'll keep them brief so that I can give my Mind a break from all this:

When Leo says, "He's hiding something and we need to find out what that is," before it becomes his dialogue with Cillian in the hotel room (which, as you'll notice better in the video, seems like the same hotel where the JGL fights take place), it is voiceover that begins exactly on the footage of Lukas being dragged away at 00:00:46 of teaser 2.

I think Lukas is the one hiding something. Considering the fact that they've shown this clip in the two trailers so far needs to mean something, especially when you realize that Lukas isn't even top-billed on the posters.

What something could that be? I'll get to the answer in a bit. If Lukas is the one hiding something, this would probably place him as a bad guy, at least before Ken comes into the picture.

I've been assuming JGL calling for the Kick is part of the same scene as Lukas giving Leo the Kick. While I think the trailer means to help us find out what it is Lukas is actually doing, I now think they are part of two different scenes. Lukas may be part of the same outfit as those masked men holding Cillian and the other guy hostage; while they hold those two prisoner, Lukas is giving Leo the Kick.

Now for the final bit (of this entry, of this entry):

Let's assume Lukas is hiding something and that it is from early in the film, sometime after the Paris sequence. What could he be hiding? Obviously, at that point in the hotel, when Leo mentions how something is being hidden, they don't know what it is yet.

"What's the most resilient parasite? An idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform the world and re-write all the rules. Which is why I have to steal it."

Assuming the opening of teaser 2 isn't just voiceover recorded specifically for the trailer, I would bet that Idea is what Lukas is hiding. But what could it be? We haven't been shown any tangible form of this Idea yet, just its effects.

But when Leo calls it a parasite, it evokes, in me at least, the idea of something living. Resilient... something that will not stop, will not quit (reminding myself of The Terminator now).

My Hail Mary guess? Bear with me cause it's a little insane:

Ken is the Idea. Lukas creates Ken and Ken's power in the Mind-Cities threaten the entire world, and so Leo and Co. have to subdue him, kidnap him, 'steal' him from Lukas to restore order.

Okay, well I'm gonna try to swear off thinking about this movie till 2010, but stay tuned! I'll be bringing you more with the new year!

Have a safe and happy new year, everyone! See you in 2010!

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