Tuesday, May 11, 2010

'inception' assembled and some observations.

with the newest - and more than likely final - trailer for Inception finally out on the Internet in HD, i was again compelled to make one more re-edit of the available footage. like a nerdy moth to an awesome flame.

for sake of uniformity, i did not use the three available tv spots since i could not find them in 1080p, like the trailers.

with the deluge of official information coming in, i've decided to stop with the pages-long analysis and simply mentioned some of my thoughts briefly within this new video: 'Inception' assembled. (note: please watch in HD.)

i cannot, however, remain wholly silent, so here are some quick ideas. before i go on, i will say that ALL of the following is inference, not fact:

  • in the punchline scene of trailer 3 with tom and jgl, jgl shoots at something offscreen, to which tom remarks, "you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling." at first, i thought this was a figurative statement, referring to how jgl should have brought a bigger weapon. it also confused me as to how calm they were in the middle of a situation that necessitated weapons. i think this scene is actually at the start of a mission and jgl and tom are merely trying out their weapons. more importantly, tom's words are quite literal, referring to how they can dream up whatever weapon they want - hence, 'dream bigger' and get a bigger weapon. like a grenade launcher.
  • there are multiple scenes with elevators. this is a hail mary guess, but i think the way in which they arrive and leave the dream worlds are via elevators manifested in the world, much like the phones in The Matrix.
  • i think that during the hotel mission, ellen dies or is taken and that cobb's crew has to escape twice over, from the dream and in the taxi vs. train chase. the responsibility cobb refers to when talking to jgl, the part that was 'not part of the plan,' is probably the loss of ellen.
anyway, i hope y'all enjoy the video and don't forget to let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

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